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Errors when opening files


New member
Hi everyone!
I working with a few files that have been sent to me and I can't open them! Though the preview is showing the following messages appear:

- Cannot open file - wrong application level
- Cannot open file - invalid data structure

Any ideas? Can it be due to running an older version compared to the one where the drawings where done?



Super Moderator
I'm not sure about the "invalid data structure" message, but the "wrong application level" message sounds like the files you're trying to open are at a higher level then what you are running.


New member
Thank you for the reply.
I've solved both problems.

Basically opened Catpart file with notepad and used the find tool to look for "Minimal", which is the minimum Catia version that can open the file.

And it was solved.

I was on R16SP2 and the part was done in R18SP8HF10, if I'm not mistaken.
So I installed R19SP2...and it was fine!
Thanks for this thread.......

I'm using R19SP08, But my client using R20SP04.
Is there any difference if we are using other ServicePack R21SP02

Cheeers, Jo


Super Moderator
1. Your client will be able to open and edit any CATIA files you send him (he is using a higher level of CATIA than you)

2. You will not be able to open your client's CATIA files (because you are using a lower level of CATIA).

If your client runs the Downward Compatibility utility, he can covert his R20 files into R19; and you will be able to open them. But you will not be able to edit them.

3. In order to be able to exchange files that can be modified, you must run the same release of CATIA as your client. It would be best to also run the same service pack.

I haven't upgraded to R21 yet, so I don't know how good it is. I understand there are some minor improvements in most of the workbenches, including some new surface and fillet features.
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