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Excel PDM Spreadsheet Template for Product Data Management CAD file version control


I personally use CATIA, but I work with a number of consultants and suppliers who use NX, SolidWorks, FreeCAD, etc. Does anybody have a spreadsheet / template for keeping track of changes to a CAD model during product development. It seems to me this would be an easy thing to keep in Excel, including data on the differences between versions of the CAD releases. I really don't want to develop the spreadsheet from scratch.

Or maybe somebody can suggest a good software solution to keep track that doesn't require renting a server and hosting some database. I like the idea of an Excel database because everybody already has Excel on their workstation, so there is no need to buy a bunch of licenses.
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Understood. I am looking for the "Poor Man's PDM System" that is a local App on the computer where consultants don't need licenses to access the system.

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