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Excel table inside CATDrawing


New member
Good morning.

I am introducing an excel table inside a CATDrawing with link to the excel sheet with the option Insert---Object with link, but when I do it I can't see all the rows.

Can yo help me.

Thanks a lot.


Super Moderator
The trick is to make the Excel spreadsheet smaller. Try reducing the text size and reducing the row height of the spreadsheet before you insert it

Another trick I've done in the past is to insert the spreadsheet in two parts onto the drawing, and place them so it looks like one big table.


New member
Thanks a lot for your answer, Mr Catia.

I was trying do what you said me and I could realize that the table only holds (45X72) (columns x rows), besides the texts are awful so I am going to convert the spreadsheet in a .csv file for doind "table from csv".

Anyway, thank you for your answer and your time.