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Exchaning ideas over multi platforms


William B

:) greetings all you CAD's,

What file format would one save designs in if you wish to share with CAD users?
(For suppliers who supplies drawings of their components they sell as example.)

Some suggest "neutral" formats like "parasolids".
Others say use export to "Inventor" - ("everyone can import that!").
Yet others have programs that changes the drawing over to your native format.

There is however some who market formats as vendor "neutral".
JT would be one example (used by many vendors), but sadly it is not the only vendor "neutral" format out there.

Many of us are confused:confused:
What is the best option and least hasle.
(PLEASE do not say "all should buy SE V19"; not all is that enlightened.;) )

Who has a light for this tunnel of darkness and confusion? :eek:

>> WB

STEP or IGES are the neutral formats we usually export to. But please take note that the history feature tree will be gone by doing so.

It also depends on whether editing of the model is required after exporting to a neutral format. If editing is not required, i think JT is the best! Why? Basically, no other formats can be as lightweight as JT and yet maintain the high quality visuality of the model.

In most of my own cases, you only need to give someone the "shell".
You only want something of the same size and looks&feel to put into your assembly.
Let us take our own designed aluminium profile system (not another Bosch copy) as an example.

So if I understand correctly - STEP and IGES will do if you want to protect the inner components of your system?!
JT is good if you want to share the whole development!?


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