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Explicit History Becomes Grasshopper



This is a completely new incarnation of the plugin with different command names. If you have a version of Explicit History installed, you should completely remove it prior to installing Grasshopper.


Comprehensive (and woefully incomplete) list of changes and additions since the last Explicit History release:

- Slider popup editor expanded to give more control over slider properties
- All dialogs have been made fully multi-screen aware. Popup windows should always position themselves at the mouse cursor now.
- Added colour parameters and components
- Added mesh parameters and components
- Unified help topics for parameters, components and windows
- New component browser UI with tabs and panels
- Scroll wheel zooming
- Graph mapper objects that allow for modification of numbers using a variety of different equations
- Colour swatch objects
- Much improved Generic List editor
- More list logic components
- Stream merger components
- More expression components
- Rectangular and Hexagonal grid components
- Curve and Surface curvature components
- Curve planarity/periodicity components
- Equi-distant cure division
- Curve project
- Volume/Area centroid components
- Box evaluator and corner extractor components
- Surface and curve offset components
- Many more transform components (Camera Obscura, Vector Orient, Shear, Curve and Surface mirror)
- Rhino Update delay option to improve responsiveness of Grasshopper interface

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