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Explode view - offset line.


New member
Have created 'explode view' for an assembly with 'offset lines'. However, this 'offset lines' does not appear on drawing created. Help !!
There are two things you can do.

1. You can set it up for just what you are doing right now:

VIEW> DISPLAY SETTINGS > MODEL DISPLAY > Pick the far righ hand tab called
"SHADE" Then check the box for "WITH DATUM CURVES"
Pick "APPLY"
Then "OK"

Regenerate your drawing and the offset lines should show up.

2. To do this permanently for all your assemblies and drawings.

Edit your and enter in "shade_with" and in the menu box pick "*curves"

Make sure to save your and from now on it should work.
Explode view - offset line

After creating the offset lines in the model (VIEW-->EXPLODE-->OFFSET LINES-->CREATE), Click View manager icon or VIEW-->VIEW MANAGER--> select EXPLODE, (make sure the assembly is in exploded state), EDIT-->SAVE. Now your exploded view with the offset lines are saved & thus reflected in drawing as well. Without this step, whatever offset lines you created will not be saved even if you save the assembly with the offset lines.
Hope this helps. Thanks.

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