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Exploded assembly


New member
After exploding the assembly I want to display how to explode by dashed line.
How can this be done?
Explosion lines

Hi, depending on how you have your toolbars set, you will find a button directly next to the explosion button. Press this and you change to a different mode allowing you to pick anything you want. Pick a circle and you will see that a small arrow apears. The arrow shows the direction the line will be going. If it's showing in the wrong direction place your cursor on it and press left mouse button which will then change the direction of the arrow. Now you move your cursor to the next part to which the line should be going to and pick exactly where you want your line to end. After that, just zoom out (if needbe) check that all lines are as you want them and close the sketch. Finnished. The lines are also visable within draughts. A little practice and you will get the hand of it quite quickly.
Use the tool Explode Line Sketch, it draws a 3D sketch joining two parts in the assembly.
Click on Insert/explode line sketch after you have created exploded view, then you have to click on some logical point of each part for a particular step.

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