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Exploding a CATpart


Currently I am using V5 R14.

If after ADDING all of the individual components to create one solid CATIA CATpart is it possible to EXPLODE or DISASSSEMBLE this so that I have individual components again?

Any help will be appreciated.

I'm not sure I totally understand your question, Dlomshek....

No, you can not explode or convert a multi-body CATPart into a multi-part CATProduct. If this is your situation, you will have to Copy and PasteSpecial each PartBody into a new CATPart. Or use PowerCopy if your parts include Geometric Set geometry.

But if you have added several PartBodies into a single PartBody, you can disassemble the solid by deleteing all the Adds.

(if I missunderstood your question, please reply and include a image of your Spec Tree)
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