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Export correctly scaled data



First please excuse this 'simple' question but I am new to Pro/Eng Wildfire

I have produced a drawing from the 3d model parts no problem, I wish to save this as a .dxf file, which I can but.... the scale is all wrong, when in Pro/E you measure the part it shows correctly, when you do the same in the exportsed version it is a fraction of the size, is there a way of exporting with a scale of 1:1



Just a few comments from our years of experience with data exchange in general:

:) Check the amount of the scale change. Is it 0.03937 smaller or 25.4 larger? If so, then it may be changing the units from mm to in (or vice versa) from your original model. What are you viewing the output file with? That app could be defaulting the units to the opposite of what you used to create the model.

:) Another thought before we check for other comments on your question. Check to see what the default units is during output from Pro/E There should be options for you to set for export.

We'll see if anyone else has any input as well.

Important: we need to know the exact scal difference between the two models.

Thanks for the great question.;-)

3DCADTi Q&A Board Support

Thanks for the support. I have done some invistigation and here is what I have found.

The drawing is a rectangle of 130mm x 150mm with a scale of 1.000, when this is exported in either .dxf or .igs it imports into DesignCad 3D Max 15 as 5.1181mm x 5.9055mm the same goes for ArtCAM Pro 8.1. If I do the reverse and import to Pro/Eng from DesignCAD it come in massive (much larger than the size of the template.


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