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export splines from rhino and get in max?


New member
I saw this tutorial
Tubular Objects: Export Of Rhino/import Into Max

which shows how to get splines or curves objects from rhino into max for rendering. However I think this tutorial is old because i could not get it to work with rhino4.
Can someone tell me how to do this currently?
I am trying to get a rhino nurbs model into max for render without converting to a mesh. I guess this is the way to go?
If you want splines, export as Iges, then you can import that into Max and they'll be editable splines.

You can actually do surfaces too, but trimmed surfaces don't work too well.

We use the nPower plugin here. It's the best there is, but has it's own set of issues.

I think the newest version of Max, with SP1, will import a few extra formats. You might look into that. I think it imports step maybe? not sure though.