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Export To Excel


New member
How to export the coordinates of 50 points to excel from catia V5?
Many have suggested this can be done by writing a macro.if u have the macro please post it here.
expecting a Positive reply at the earliest
VBA script to get XYZ of points in Text file

Hello araanandv2,

Please take a look at the following resource. I think it may be exactly what you need.

VBA script to get XYZ of points in Text file

I see around forums people asking how to script, how to learn VBA. And also people asking about XYZ to Excel file.

You will find in that script a code for CATIA V5R14. Hope it can be usefull to some.

This code will go thru all geometrical set, thru all element in geometrical set and get XYZ of points. Then it will create a Text file with Name of Point and XYZ in mm you have to wait for next release for inches

Author: itsmyjob, Source: CatV5Forums
Goog Luck!
3DCADTips Help desk :cool:
I think the design table in knowledge tool may help u. there is a option to create design table with current parameter values.
I cannot find the attachments on any of the posts. Is there some trick to getting to them?

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