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Exporting DXF Files - Dimensions not visible

Hello, I have a question I am hoping someone could help me with. I am finding no information on this subject and it is an immediate concern for my company now.

We use plastic sheet parts for our machines which we outsource to a CNC router company for cutting. They are having issues getting the dimensions from my DXF files. I use SolidWorks 2012.

They have requested DXF files with multiple views (annotation view) in order to see the depths of the various features being cut (many are not thru). The problem is that only the first view on the DXF file is allowing them to get measurements. I looked on my end and sure enough, I could not take dimensions either from the auxiliary views (front, side) in eDrawings.

I have looked through the preferences and option but didn't find anything to adjust this.

I would much prefer to send them a 3D file (IGES or something) but they have requested DXF files with these multiple views.

I am using the Save As > DXF feature directly from the part. Our parts range from a few inches to many feet in length, and there are hundreds of them, so using a drawing to make a DXF is not an option.

I am hoping someone might know why the auxiliary views are not allowing measurements to be taken, if there is a why to change this, if I need to do something different, or if the fab company is just asking for something that can't be done and that we need to find a different file format to work in.

Thank you very much!