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exporting dxf files (sheet metal)


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well, i knew this was going bite me on the nose....and here it is.

I know, i know one body per part....:D ....feel free to say; "told you so". I just couldn't justify the time spent constraining and the 2x the number of files.... If this was something for work, i would defenitly not do it this way....

so i have this part in the picture and i'm trying to export it out for water jeting but i can only export the first part:eek: . Is there any way to export the second part???? :confused:


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I would create a new part, Copy & Paste body 2 into the new part then unfold it after using Recognise feature to Recognise all sheetmetal Features...then export the new part to water jet cutter.
Establish PartBody for dxf export

Right mouse click on the body you want to export and select "change part body" In your case Body.2 and export to dxf.
The thing to remember is that Catia always exports the body with the priority "PartBody".
Make any Body the PartBody will automatically invoke this body to be exported into dxf.
Hope this helps :))
that's a neet trick.

this will help in other cases as well.
so many times i got frustrated when i couldn't delete the first body in tree:D .... now i know what to do

thanks for your help;)

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