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extra lines


New member
what's with the extra lines that sometimes pop up (see pic below)


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I would hazard a guess that you are using the render style
"Shading with edges". Try switching to "Shading with edges without smooth
edges". This mode normally will just line in the predominant edges and leave
the smooth edges out.
I agree with Flanakins, based on the first picture you attached. The Shading render style should eliminate the extra edges. But after seeing the second picture, there appears to be a problem there.

Does this only happen with Sheetmetal parts?

I suspect it has to do with your graphic card. Does the problem occur on all computers or just yours?

You might be able to resolve it with Tools + Options + Display + Performances, and try changing the 3D Accuracy options.
I understand what you are trying to say
My question is: What feature is involved in the "curve" modeling?
If it is pad/extrude feature the problem is probably on the sketch; you may have to much geometrys creating the curve. If it has same radius I suggest you to do it with an single arc (or 2 for each limits of profile, obviously)
It is all created with simple lines and arcs...

It seems to be a videocard isue....when i opened it today on a different station, it's fine. :rolleyes:
Ok, i got this problem again.....this time even worse.....

I was in the middle of working on this last night and all of a sudden i can't pick the faces and the rotating is really coppy, and display inconsistant.

I opened it up this morning on my bosses workstation and it's the same thing (different video cards....). Can one you guys see if you get the same thing...and maybe one of you knows what's going on here.


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I opened your model and found the same choppy motion when trying to rotate althuogh with my space mouse it was fine.
You will find if you unload the 4 instances of the A10301-2 models everything is fine rotation is normal without these files loaded. It's something in those files. If i get a chance latter I'll look at them closer.

You will find if you delete the A10301-2 parts out and bring them back in to the assembly all seems fine although I did not go as far as constrain them.

Your right :D Thank you for looking at it, for a moment i thought i'd have do the whole thing all over again.

I noticed that the part in question is was made in "Hybrid design" I'd bet my lunch it had something to do with that. Just in case i'll copy it over to a different part.

Thanks again.

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