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Extrude length


New member
I am having problem while using the extrude command, when asked for distance, I used to just click on two points and it will extrude to that length. I can't seem to find a solution to do that in 2007. Any suggestions?
You just need to actually rotate the elevational views 90 degrees from the x axis and use the original y as the z axis and use that to pick the height. Another way to do this is to use "QuckCalc" ('quickcalc or CTRL+8). Begin the extrude command and when asked for a distance, run quickcalc and press the "Distance between 2 points" button. Then pick the 2 points you wish. The calculator will come back and then you just press "Paste to Command Line", hit enter, and it will extrude the object to the needed distance.

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