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extruded cut on curved surface?



i'm trying to create a 3D model of a device for my internship but i can't create a correct cut. the surface i need to apply the cut on is displayed below. i think i need a plane attached to the surface but i don't know how to create it. do you guys have any idea? thanx!


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You need to create a point on the surface, I'd use a 3d sketch to create the point on the surface. A point should automatically attach to the surface with a coincedent mate. Once you have the point on the surface, then you can create a plane at the point and tangent to the surface.

One more thing, remember you cut solids and you trim surfaces. It looks like you have a solid here, so I guess you'll be cutting.
Sample of how to do the cut

Attached is a quick solid part with a cut through it. I did it by creating a plane above the part with a sketch and a cut through all. The plane could be also put at an angle but for speed I made parrallel.


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Aligned surface example of cut.

In this example I suppressed the first cut. Then created a surface parrallel to the curved surface by selecting a scetched point on the upper surface.


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thanks for the help. here at my intern company I'm working on SW2005 and I guess you (patycoop) created the examples in 2006. I'll try to open them at home 'cause there I do have that version. bcampbell I probably didn't understand your solution fully because when I follow your directions I can only create a horizontal pane, not a curved one. thanks anyway.
.1select the face or surface you want to cut into.
2.on your surface toolbar click the offset surface. set the offset distance to 1mm.
3. use the extruded cut feature and select the sketch you want to project onto the surface.
4. in the cut-extrude dialogue box, select from the drop-down menu- "up to surface" then in the "face-plane box" select the offset-surface you just created. you can select this surface from the feature manager tree.
5. the cut should now be 1mm deep on your curved surface.
your sketch plane does not have to touch the surface, just be normal (non-perpendicular) to it. It can probably be one of the base planes, top, right, front. Pick the one that is most normal to the surface, start a sketch and view it "normal to" (ctrl-8). Draw your sketch and then extrude cut "through all"

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