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extruded region visual problem


New member
Hello everybody,

I'm new here on this forum,...

I would like to inform me about a visual problem of extruded regions in mechanical desktop 6.

Before I didn't use extruded regions but closed polylines, but I had the problem with contour lines on the surface of the extrusion, all small lines who are perpendicular to the extruded polylines .
My polyline is a converted spline (amunspline) and makes all smal plines and edited to a closed pline.

A litlle confused explanation,but I don't now how to tell.
As a mather of fact if I make a view in my layout I have on each extruded side a lot of lines who are visual in de layout and can not be shown on the print.(not proper and confused)

Now I tryed to make extruded regions instead of extrude plines,
this works perfect but now I have lost the visual resolution in drawing every part is very angulared in shade mode but ok in wireframe mode.

In this case it is hard to work,....
Does anybody now how I can put this resolution higher for extruded regions?
For extruded plines it is OK ?!

It's a cind of urgent I have a presentation friday next week,...

So please can anybody help me, I'm a litlle bit desperate

With best regards,

I found it

-> assist

-> Options

-> properties

-> adapted degragation set flat shaded on ,...

Or experiment with some other settings under properties,...

Thnx anyway!!


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