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Extruding multiple faces simultaneously?


New member

I am using solidedit>face>extrude to face of a solid. I am able to extrude one face at a time. How to extrude several faces at once?


You can extrude as many faces as youd like at the same time with the extrude face button

These must be off a solid

The simple extrude function only extrudes regions, but as many as you can select that are coplanar. Non coplanar regions can be extruded sometimes whenever the program doesnt error out and fail
You will be able to select more than one face to the selection, use A (for add) and R (for remove) while making your selections, dont hold down the A and R as A puts you in "add" mode and R puts you in "remove" mode. Please note that whenever you select a face, it always grabs two, the one you need and an adjacent one because the edge you pick is part of two faces. What you can do is to select everything you need and then press R and now pick all the unwanted faces to remove them from your selection, if by mistake you remove a face that you need just press A and you will be back in "add" mode.
Hope this helps.

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