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Fast tracking program evaluations next steps in Rhino cad 6 to cam to cut model


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I have used the Rhino cad 6 evaluation download and imported files previously created in dxf format into it as the basis of creating a model that I would like to take through a cam process to a cut model. The model has been previously taken through the process with the use of dxf files, transferred to solid works and cut from there. I had access to a computer running solid works. Simultaneously I am wanting to upgrade from the 3rd party cam program presently used. I am using the basic version of a program which no longer exists due to being sold off to to another company. I had found when working with some previously produced work done. I came across instance where I needed additional programs to find the correct file extension which my very limited cam program will accept. When it came to 3D models the limitations on setting the way the cutting files were prepared to get satisfactory machining results.
Having rushed through the model process using Rhino 6, I would no doubt imagine that the result pictured below would possibly require additional step before taking to cam program. I would appreciate any help and assistance in how to get it into a cam process and what the best program would be use to get a cut product from my endeavours so far.


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would someone kindly inform me of what the gumball is.
In the few days of trying to use the workings of the program and reached the stage I have, I realise that my comprehension of Rhino and its controls is still infantismal at this stage. Subsequent to my original post. I have downloade vetri aspire and vetric cut 3D trial versions. This is the same route as I was hoping to avoid in doing a software upgrade.Solidworks run together with solidcam fully intergrated and has option for being able to use jpegs as a base from which to start modelling to be able to generate cutting files from.