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Feature carryover into kernal files? CATIA catprt vs. -> .sat


New member of forum. Hi. Interested in someone doing an experiment for me to answer question regarding CATIA. Does a simple native part that is exported to base kernal ACIS file (.sat) retain information about features in that file? Example 1 inch cube with 1/4" radii on one face (four edges - 1 loop) exported to .sat file. Can that .sat file be read by another ACIS capable software package and allow the edge radii to be modified to say 3/16" ? I've done this type of experiment using NX/parasolids, exported an .s_t file, read it into Solidworks, and no I can't edit feature, just get a "dumb" body entity (i.e. b-rep surface) representation. I would also be interested in performing this experiment with Creo Pro /granite.

Any help would be appreciated. Motivation here is to identify if any of the major CAD vendors non-native cad part file (base kernel geometry) formats include parametric information regarding features. My suspicion is No they probably don't, but would be interested in definitive answer.

We are working on effort to receive design information from multiple sources and assessing manufacturability, having that (editable) feature definition is desirable. STEP also does not allow feature interrogation /editing, so that doesn't appear to a viable choice (i believe) but could be wrong on this, if others have insight into that, also welcome.
Thanks golf$nut