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File Properties - Custom




Is this a bug in V15?? I can't seem to adjust my Units prcision (#of decimal places) for my Custom tab in File Properties. I am creating a company border with some custom dimensions that need to be filled into a chart each time but no matter what I do, I always get 2 decimal places..... Is there a secret place to set the precision??

I've only been using SE for a month and I am loving it. I've used Pro/E for the past 6 years and I can't believe how user friendly SE is.

Thanks for the help!

got this answer from another forum.... very useful!! :)


in your property text i.e %{CVal} put in this
where n is the number of decimal places
you would like to see (other settings won't affect custom numbers)

Defined: Cval as 1.2345

%{CVal} will show 1.23 as default
%{CVal/@4} will show 1.2345


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