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I am facing a problem while filleting a pocket created on cylinder. I have attached the image file for your reference. Figure 1. shows the part before filleting. Figure 2. shows after filleting. What I want is to fillet only one side of the pocket where as it automatically fillets both sides. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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I also tried to attempt what you are tring to accomplish with the same result. I would never have thought to get that result. Well anyway just pocket through half the cylinder, create the fillet on that side then pocket through the other half and you will only have only the one fillet. I have no answer as to why Catia wants to fillet both sides as you have shown.

Hi Larry,
I feel there must be some way to achieve the same.
Will there not be any constraint problems if we do as you say (like creating pocket for first half of the cylender...). I am new to CATIA, since I am having the doubt. I will try it now.
Anyway thanks a lot.
There should be no problem downstream that I can see. Be sure to constrain your sketch properly to the first pocket and it should be fine. If properly constrained when your first pocket changes your second pocket updates accordingly (size, location etc.).


I'm also surprised CATIA creates the two fillets automatically. I guess it does it because the face of the big cylinder intersects both ends of the pocket. :confused:

I like Larry's suggestion, but I would use the same sketch for both pockets. Both pockets will be the same size and it avoids having to make a second sketch. :)

Another workaround is to edit the sketch of the big cylinder and break the circle with a line (or axis) perpendicular to the hole, so you have a half-circle on each side. The cylinder will now have two faces with each face intersecting a different end of the pocket, and you can choose one edge to fillet. :)
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