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First Post and Awfully Dull Question


New member
Hey! This is my first post on these forums, I downloaded the Rhino Trial last night and have started tinkering around, going through the tutorials, etc., and figured I oughta register here to further edify myself.

Plus I have a question:

I am trying to do the "Elevator Mode" tutorial, and I'm having a little problem, wherein after I have turned on Snap, turned off Ortho, selected the object I wish to move (in this case, the cone), and moved it to the based of the cylinder, holding CONTROL does not activate elevator mode... when I hold down the key, and move the mouse, the object continues to be stuck to the construction plane, X,Y.

I'm assuming there's some tiny detail I've overlooked or some setting that I oughtta change, but the FAQ and Help File didn't immediately yield results so I thought I might as well ask the community.