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Fluid slosh simulation for fuel tank



Hi all

i have designed a new fuel tank from stainless (SW 2004) but i need to test it to see if i need to put baffles in to ease the slosh. ive used cosmos but that tested the fill time plus it never filled the tank,which does in reality.

Ive seen FLOW 3D and Fluent, nice 3D software but my company wont buy them as our main design is not for fuel tanks so we dont do many. is there such an addon for solidworks for tank sloshing?

we convert vehicles for the wheelchair user therefore old tank is thrown away

all suggestions would more than helpful.

Floworks won't do what your asking because you are dealing with air and a fluid. These are 2 different phases in a single cavity and are not supported.

The slushing effect could be approximated by assuming two fluids with one of the fluids having the density of air. Wait, sorry, forget that idea.

I would calculate the inner volume of the tank, then fill flow rate/tank volume will tell you the fill rate.

I would do a stress test to see if your ribs are doing anything. You may try accelerating the tank in it's 3 principle axis. I'd use shell elements if you have cosmos designer. If you only have cosmos express, then it will take some time to mesh.

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