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Free Solid Edge 2D Drafting for all!


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UGS is giving away it's very own popular Solid Edge standalone 2D Drafting for FREE to every living person in this world! :eek:

YES, it's true! Shocking heh?
No worries! This is no marketing gimick but UGS recognizes 2D as a commodity and feels that no-one should pay for a 2D system now.

All required of you is to register for a free copy of it at the free2d website and download the software! Simple as 123, ABC! :p

Now everyone can have their very own copy 2D Drafting software. With Solid Edge FREE 2D Drafting, who needs to buy AutoCAD anyway? :D

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2d CAD for free = GREAT !!

Andrew & friends,:)

Thanks for telling us all about this!!
Free 2D CAD is still very hard to find (and not on standard - mind you).

I am sure that this will give AutoCad a run for their money -
especially for us electrical engineers.:rolleyes:

Note however to all our CAD friends: ;)
> supply of personal detail is required
(you can type in bogus info though - except a email address.)
> it is a 233MB download
(ever tried for a download manager?)

It is not really FREE thus with thepersonal info you give to get the program. This may make you a victim of UGS tech/advert spam.

I am willing to take that risk though - are you?

UGS also sends you an email explaining how the licensing works.
> you load a license file they emailed you into the installed program directory
> the email address you give must be one you can get to!

They also tell you in the email they send you:
"You will soon be invited to participate in a Solid Edge 2D mailing list, where you can post questions, learn hints and tips from UGS and other users, and search previous answers to help you get the most from your new software."

So if you do not mind to share ideas - then this is the one for you.
Let us know what you think.

Again Andrew - 1,000 thanks for the info :cool:


PS (late addition):
1] you can not install this version if you have SE installed already!!
2] the installation is marked as "Free Trial"
3] x2 tutorials are included in the installation
4] No functionality is held back on the 2D drafting
5] Usefull web links are given
6] Pre-drawn symbols can be used in sketches - even AutoCad
7] Advances in SE19 is advertised in "What's New" under HELP
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No marketing gimick from UGS

Well, it all depends on how you look at it. :rolleyes:
All you need is to provide some of your particulars and get to own a thousand dollar 2D Drafting s/w for absolutely zero cost! You have nothing to lose on that.

Yes, i agree that UGS will input your registration info into their marketing database. But i don't think they'll go to the extent of harrassing you to buy their other solutions. :)

The way i look at this is, simply technology sharing and spread the UGS/Solid Edge awardness further beyond geographical boundaries. :cool:

2D CAD install failure...

tried to install 2d CAD it wont if it detects SEV18!!! already installed....where to now?..... sorry looked at above post first.....
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Hi Deano,

Yes, you can't install 2D Drafting if you'd Solid Edge already installed.
Apparantly, you won't need the free 2D Drafting when you alreadu have SE.

Hello andrewyipko,

I'm going to move this thread to our Solid Edge Resources forum to be with other Solid Edge resource information.

3DCADForums Help Desk :cool:

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