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Fully Constrained & Under Constrained


New member
Is it necessary for all the time to have a fully constrained sketch? If we finish the sketch without being green (under constrained) and go to the next steps of design, what would be the consequences? sometimes it's hard and time consuming to reach a green sketch (fully constrained).


Super Moderator
No, it's not necessary to fully constrain a sketch. CATIA will continue to use the sketch profile, constrained or not.

Not fully constraining a sketch is considered bad practice. One reason is unconstrained features might inadvertently get dragged out of position while the sketch is being edited.

Another reason is modifications might not maintain the design intent.


New member
MrCatia is quite right in saying that not constraining a sketch is bad practice. Once you start trying to dimension stuff down the line, you can run into big problems. For example, if you don't constrain the center of a circle and make a cylinder, if you try and locate a feature to that cylinder, it might move the cylinder unexpectedly