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fully defined sketch?



"THIS OPPERATION REQUIRES A FULLY DEFINED SKETCH" is what pops up when I am only chaning the size of four holes I have cut extruded.

What can I change to allow myself to move the holes to have a fully defined sketch.?

dimension the sketch until all the lines are black (fully defined)
Shouldn't require a fully defined sketch

If all you have is a cut extrude feature, then it shouldn't require a fully defined sketch.

Is this an assy cut?
Is there a error in the sketch?

you can check a sketch for errors by clicking on sketch tools menu and clicking on check sketch for feature, choose the extrude option and it will high light the areas that are causing the problem. two circles on top of of another will cause an error. check and make sure the sketch is valid.
fully defined skecth

try clicking ooff the option "use fully defines skecth" if u r in part mode.
u wil find that in Tools>Options>System Options.


Deepak Gupta

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