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Gears and threaded bolts


New member
Hay guys i feel that i will find what am looking for in this forums

i have just finsh my educitional dvd on catia and it was awsome

i will upload it soon in the forum

but i have notice some thing

catia no one have talk about how to make athreaded bolt in catia like this one

can any one tell my how


how to make agear

plz i need it so much



New member
it seem to be that catia has avery badddddddddddd

disadvantage that it isn't have abuilt in gears and thread software

i am very saddddddddddddd

i was dreaming of catia is the best of all


New member
Hehe... Visualisation of threads absolutly NOT NEED for real everyday engineering. When you try rotate assembly model with 2-3 k of bolts and nuts you undestud me.
p.s. thread is one a property, you may add to any cylindrical hole or pad. Then you will see it on drafting with ISO or ANSI standart.


Super Moderator
I agree with CAR2NER; there are many standard features that are not required to be fully modeled in 3D (or on 2D drawings). Gear teeth, screw threads, knurling, surface texture, and similar features can easily be fabricated without the use of the exact feature being in the 3D model.

Not only does this avoid performance issues (as CAR2NER mentioned), but it also saves time from having to model the unnecessary, detailed geometry.

However, when you have a special feature (a unique screw thread, or special gear tooth profile), CATIA does have the modeling flexibility to add this to your 3D design model (as accurate or as simplified as required). The previously linked tutorial shows how to do gears.

For a long time, drafters have used symbols on drawings to represent threaded features. In a similar fashion, CATIA has THREAD tools in the Part Design workbench that identify threaded features on 3D parts, using standard thread sizes. See attachment that identifies these CATIA tools. These tools do not create the true 3D geometry, but they do identify threaded features so that the proper symbol is placed on associated drawings. I believe the threaded feature can also be associated to NC tool path data.

I agree that it would be nice if CATIA included specific tools for gears. In the meantime, we will have to model them ourselves, or use PowerCopies or Macros to simplify this step.


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