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Geometry vanishes when making changes


New member
I have been working on a .CATPart, making few changes. While making these changes, I would have some errors like update cycle because I wasn't done with my changes. My problem stems from the fact that sometimes while I am making corrections, my geometry vanishes. It is simply gone. It is not in Hide but still in Show. When I move around in Show, I get glimpses of what is no longer showing.

This is not about complex geometry. I would appreciate an answer as to how to get around this. For myself, I have to close the document and open it again. I am running on v5r10 sp4.

The problem you described is hard to troubleshoot without looking over your shoulder at what you're doing. Since I can't do that, here's a couple things to check:

1. (I have to assume you're working with the Part Design workbench :confused:) Check which feature is the current work object (it's underlined in the tree) and make sure that feature is lower in the tree than what you just modified. Or, right-click on the partbody and make it the Current Work Object

2. Make sure the element you created and everything it belongs to is not Hidden. This includes Geom Sets, Part Bodies, Part, and Instance. This is easy to check by looking for the grayed out symbols in the Construction Tree.

3. Are you running CATIA on a certified workstation? I'm wondering if your problem could be caused by graphics card, or lack of computer memory :confused:

You say you're running R10 :eek: That's a pretty old release of CATIA V5, and you should upgrade to a more current release level.

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