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Has python found its way to CATIA to compete with VBA


Previously, I tried to learn C++ but left it after a while. Now, I see, Macro in CATIA is a notable built-in tool to build some mechanical parts or automate some products, and if I am right, it uses C++ programming language.

Before I back to CATIA from Rhino I began to develop my python as a beginner and I still am doing that.

I recently researched, whether python has any position in CATIA or not. I found some usage of python in CATIA but not considerably. Some modules of python such as "pycatia" or "pywin32com" or similar ones are used to automate some products in CATIA indirectly (from outside) but as far as I searched the internet they were not well-known interfaces, didn't do notable automation, and there were not enough documentary and illustrated information in this case, while python cannot do anything from within CATIA.

I could not answer my question by myself that whether python is an effective and considerable programing language for CATIA, or it is just a primitive external scripting controller that can not be the rival of CATIA Macro.

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