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Heady heights & feeling dizzy!?


wallace & grommit

I would first like to say that i would be most gratefull for any help of which i can get!
To begin with, i have started on quite a audacious venture! About 15 years ago i came up with a ingenious idea for a i,c engine (true rotory), now i drafted it on paper & basicaly left it at that, i did a number of years ago get some information i felt i needed to take my idea further than just paper (computer:) )
Now my idea is, i wish to create a computerized true working model of my idea (hoping that it will tell me if it would work in reality, & also any problems i've missed, etc)
The information i aquired is this;
I need ;
-A highend 3D cad system which has built in animation to show parts moving against each other.
-Kinomatics .
-Computational fluid dynamics.
-And last but not least, finite eloment analysis software.:D
Now i've been learning & using auto cad 2007 & have, i must say done quite well so far, but the more you learn, you come to realise you know very little.
Anyway, i need to know if the cad package i'm using is right or not? what other software packages which i need will attach or work in conjunction with auto cad 2007, i also would like some reading material whilst i'm at work, on these subjects.
I understand this sort of software is not for the faint hearted(although i do feel quite nauseous with the vertigo at the moment thinking about the task ahead) but if one wants something, he has to work for it!!!
Anyway, i eagerly awate for a replie to my dilema.
p.s MONEY, is tight, so cheaper the better;) .

Yours wallace & grommet:cool:
Not need to go that elaborate with the software. A basic 3d software with the ability to produce 2d assosiated drawings is good enough.

If your worried about material strength, and stress analysis, maybe this will help. Professional Multiphysics: Mechanical Event Simulation with Linear and Nonlinear Material Models, Static Stress Analysis with Linear and Nonlinear Material Models, Linear Dynamic Analysis, Steady-State and Transient Heat Transfer Analysis, Steady and . Anything esle, you could probably calculate it close enough by hand.

All that money you would spend on software, i would save, and spend it on a working prototype (even if it's 1/2 scale)

Geting it working on the screen, doesn't mean it'll work on the shop floor.
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Chears spider007 for the help it's much appreciated, but because i'm totaly new to cad and all the attendant accesaries the link you gave me was a bit too much to take in, in one mouth full, it would be most helpfull if you could shed some light on the link, so i may make a better judgement on the subject.
Plus im somewhot perplexed with your statement(getting it working on screen doesn't mean it will work on the shop floor?), i thaught the whole idea of this sort of software was to save time and money , before building a prototype model, i understand that not all the facters can be accounted for, but surerly it would go a grate way in eliminating costly prototypes?
yours, Wallace & Grommit

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