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Helical Gear



Anyone working/using geartrax?

I need some help to make a model of a helical gear.

Can anyone help me out? I need it urgently.

I tried using the toolbox of solidworks, but that has minimum number of teeth avaiable as 10 but i need 6 and also the dimensions reqd are not matching.

an early help will make me appreciated.

thx and regards

Deepak Gupta

A six-tooth gear is going to be grossly distorted in profile and not a practicable working proposition. The software sensibly limits you to a minimum of 10 teeth.

helical gear

Thx Mr. Brian.

Well as per specs of the customer, i need a helical gear with 6 teeth only.

though i'm able 2 develop the model in Pro-e but i was not able 2 do the same in Solidworks.

So if anyone using geartrax, i just want to know if gear trax can work in the situation with non standard data.

thx and regards

Deepak Gupta

:confused: Why don't you pull up your pro-e model in solidworks. Then you could possibly utilize feature works to rebuild it with features. Just a thought.
helical gear

Thx a lot for the idea,

i had already done that.

but i'm getting wot i exactly need using feature work.

anyhow thx for the idea.


Deepak Gupta

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