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Helical Path and section on 3d parts


New member
Can any body guide us how create accurately the helical path in Auticad. Also how to do section line on 3d parts if required/
What version are you using?

What version of AutoCAD are you currently using?

3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:
high expectation

buddy i tink your expectation with the software are very high.
as per my knowledge working on autocad 2004 till i have seen no such person who can create helical path in autocad. but one thing is sure i can send you on picture which will be close resemblence to spring but it was also not helical one. attached.

Read the text file first. The files you want are tip1745a & 1745B. After extracing them rename them sol_spring & 3dspiral respectively. Place them in your ACAD support folder. Insure ACAD searchpath has this directory listed. Load lsp routines and you are good to go. Run "3dspiral". That will get you either a straight or tapered spiral if you want. You can then run "sol_spring" if you want to extrude a round or square solid 3d spring. Hope this is what you wanted.



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