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Hello to all NX users


New member
A big Hello to all fellow NX users in this forum. I have been using NX since last 6 years.

Very sad that very less and infreaquent posts in this forum. Lets communicate guys....come on

To start with is anybody can tell me how to create non-standard threads in NX. I want to make threads having 5 degree angle on one side and 75 degree on the other side and having a radius of 0.3mm between them.

i am a newbie of UG NX.....

my company just invested on this software, and i am one of those who sent to training.

i found that this software is very nice and powerful. unfortunately, i have no chance to fully utilize this software. my company is not a design oriented company.

if anyone is looking for free draftman here, may be i am one of the choice of you. i just want to involve, to train my skill..... since i am newbie, but please do give me some lead time if you need me... haha

Yes you have to use the Content Migration Manager that Siemens Has to offer. Going from I-deas to NX is at least a two step process. First you have to Take your TDM to Teamcentereng. Then once you have your data in teamcenter then you can get your parts, assembly and drafting into NX using the Content Migration Manager. This is a huge process.

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