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Help and advice


New member
Hi all.

New to the forum. I want to get SW running better on my computer. It's second hand, Asus motherboard, core i5, Windows 10, not sure what the graphics card is but I think it might be a more gaming oriented one.

I don't have money for a better computer but could probably stretch to buying a Nvidia quadro m2000 which seems to be one of the most highly recomended ones and a bit more RAM. The computer runs the programs fine, I'm not trying to do anything wildly complicated and no enormous assemblies. The image quality I have at the moment is terrible, and I'm finding that is my main obstacle. Facetted curves and edges etc. No distinction in tone, ambient occlusion doesn't work, nor real view. Changing the image quality in settings also makes no difference.

Would the extra RAM and decent graphics card solve my problem or am I fighting a loosing battle?

Apart from using the programme I'm fairly computer illiterate and don't understand most of the jargon. Answers in laymans terms please.

Many thanks