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help help help help help!!!!!!!!



I've been asked to create an assembly drawing of a 40X200 shaft, what is an assembly drawing? Is it a 3D model of different parts bought together to create a .asm file? Also what is a 40X200 shaft, I know that the 40 is the diameter of a round but have no idea what the 200 comes in.

I've also been asked to create a drawing to current british standards, anyone know what these standards are, where I can find them or what to do in order to make the model to meet these standards?:eek:
Re: help help

First, please don't panic.

Second, there is not enough information here to tell you exactly what to do, but maybe I can point you in the right directions.

A 40 x 200 shaft is probably 40 (I'm guessing mm here but you should check) in diameter by 200mm long. By itself, that is not an assembly, so you should ask whoever gave you this assignment for more information about the requirements.

You are correct that an assembly in Pro/Engineer is a file that consists of a number of parts. To start one, go to File, New and select Assembly. You should ask whether your school or office has a standard start file for assemblies.

To add parts that you have already saved to an assembly, go to Insert, Component, Assemble. Read in your help files about assembly constraints: mate, align, insert, offset, orient, and so on. The assembly can in turn be placed into a drawing.

Finally, I'm not personally familiar with the British standards of which you speak, but I can say that they relate to the drawing, not the assembly or the model. They will prescribe things like how views are projected and how dimensions and tolerances are applied. For a start, though, ask whoever assigned you this project for a copy of their standard drawing format and any standard notes.

Good luck!

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