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Help in Assembly


New member
I want to assemble a aquarium.

i need help in assembling it.

i couldnt even "fix' any component, i was doing something wrong but dont know what. :(

so pls. help me by posting the steps here. :)

i've attached the three files, i.e., Fish tank, Top, Stand in a rar file.

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Size: 308KB

also i need help in making a Working Model.

This is tank top, i want the marked (red) portion to work as lid, i.e., it should have motion.

btw, this is for home purpose only, because i wanted to see how my new aquarium will look like, as i'm ordering one tomorrow.
so dont start bashing me for using CATIA for making fish tanks :D

If you want the dimensions used, pls tell me, i'll post it.

NOTE: I used CATIA V5 R19
File format: .CATPart

NOTE 2: Aquarium Dimension :
Table & Top = 36"+15mm all sides
Table Height = 25"
Top Height = 120mm


Super Moderator
(I don't have R19, so I'm unable to open your CATPart files)

If you're working with the Assembly Design workbench, you should be be able to insert all the parts, Fix one of them and then constrain the others to the fixed part.

In order to have motion in the top, you should make the top a sub-assembly (another CATProduct) consisting of the Top Frame and the Top Lid as 2 separate parts. Then you can add an Angle constraint between the Frame and Lid, and vary the angle parameter to see the motion.

There are probably many methods to create your fish tank. The above is probably one of the better methods. Creating all the parts in a single CATPart file is probably a quicker method.


New member

i assembled the aquarium, but have one small problem.
i'm not able to fit the the "top cover" perfectly onto the tank.
in this pic on top left corner on tank, you can see its not properly aligned.

how to align the top cover with the tank?



Super Moderator
You chopped off the bottom of the tree, so I can't tell what Assembly Constraints you have (or don't have).

To align the top cover to the tank; add two Coincidence constraints. First one between the front of tank and front of tank, and second one between the two sides.