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Help in making merge parts




I need help in making merge part, I have a raw part and I want to make machining part.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Axel,

Create cast part and machining part and create an assembly with both and in assembly use advanced utilities and merge the casting part into machining part. Make sure to use merge by reference { this makes sure that the machining part will update as per the changes in casting} and set the accuracy of both parts to use absolute accuracy and the value to be used in both parts so that it will prevent failure as the part changes in size.

Hope this helps you.
problems in merging parts in simplified rep mode

Hi Abraham,
i have faced some problems as not able to do merging operation,while merging the parts what are in some other simplified rep mode,not in master rep;please let me know if any options or other ways u know to do merge in simp rep mode.

Thanks in Advance.


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