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Help needed with Lofting


New member
I have created a basic roll cage for a project I'm working on, the roll cage is made from splines. I played around with paths and shapes and had some fun before building the cage of splines. However, Once I built the cage, attached all the splines and welded all the vertex's, 3dsmax doesn't allow me to use the cage of splines as a path. I'm using a basic circle spline as a shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A loft needs the spline used for the path to be linear. You can´t use a complex spline with branching in it for a loft. But you could make your spline renderable and give it a specific thickness. select spline > go to modify panel, under 'Rendering section' > check "Enable in Renderer", check "Enable in Viewport" if you like to see actual thickness in viewport. "Thickness" can adjust line's thickness. Interpolation is an extra that can help you smooth the line shape. Maybe this could help you out.

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