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Help needed with material editor


New member
I had to re-install Max and when I did the material editor shows the Mental Ray materials on opening a new file. I set the renderer to default renderer and then the material slots are all black. When I reset the materials in the material editor utilities it doesn't help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
As per your posting I feel that the settings went to MentalRay as default renderer and Medit renderer, go to Customize > Custom UI and Defaults Switcher and select MAX from the left menu. If it doesn´t work take a look into C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max XXXX\Defaults\MAX\FactoryDefaults\CurrentDefaults.ini search for [DefaultRendererAssignments] and make sure it looks like this:
;3ds max scanline renderer
DefaultProdRenderer=1 0
DefaultDraftRenderer=1 0
DefaultIReshadeRenderer=1 0
DefaultMEditRenderer=1 0
I dont understand why the default settings changed while reinstalling, but your quick reply helped me a lot. Thanks once again.

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