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Help needed with sheet metal unfolding


New member
Hi everybody,

I'm having some problems keeping the features of my part when I unfold it. I've attached 2 images to show what I mean.

I started with a rectangular sheet and rolled it up to make a cylinder. I then applied my transformations. Now when I try to unfold it to get a pattern to use in the shop, I'm back to my original rectangular sheet. How can I unfold my part and keep the transformations?

Using V5R17

Thank you for your assistance




Super Moderator
Based on the image you included, your task looks more like a flat pattern development situation. I would use the Developed Shapes tool (DL1 license) to solve it.

1. Model the part in Part Design (shaft and groove)
2. Switch to GSD workbench
3. extract the external surface
4. offset the surface to obtain the neutral plane (approx 53% of sheet thickness, depending on material)
5. use UNFOLD to develop the flat pattern

(with R17, the UNFOLD only works with ruled surfaces, which is what you have. In R18, UNFOLD was enhanced to include any type of surface)
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New member
Thank you MrCATIA

Unfortunately my deadline just past by 30 minutes ago. However I will try your instructions when I have a free moment.

Again thank you