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Help with adding dimensions


New member
Hi all,

I've just started using inventor six. This is my first attempt at using a CAD program, so I began with the tutorial.
Using the tutorial "creating a part", ive managed to draw my first componant. The problem is when I go to add a dimension, the drawn lines (and the background grid) get completely hidden as I drag the mouse pointer over them!
I've followed the tutorial exactly, but cant work out what im doing wrong. Hope someone can help me.

This is a personal view, but I don't consider IV as a CAD programme.
It's a solid modelling programme that enables you to create parts (.ipt), assemblies (.iam) then detail these in drawings (.idw) derived from your parts.
Once your views are in the drawing dimensioning is a piece of cake.

And the great advantage over a CAD programme is that if you change the part or assembly those changes are automatically reflected in the drawing!

What exactly is the problem? Is there a cloud of nothingness that follows the cursor around when you try to place a dimension? Does everything stay hidden after the cursor is moved? Is the dimension covering the lines? Are you in a part file and you are editing a sketch or are you in a drawing file and are trying to add dims to a view? Try to describe the exact situation and I'll see if I can talk you through the problem.

Hi David,

What you describe in the first few lines of your reply is accurate to what is happening.
Here's the situation: I draw the part (as per the turorial instructions), I click the 'general dimension' button then click on the line that I want to add the dimension to, as soon as I drag the cursor horizontally the part and grid lines are completely covered by the solid blue background colour.

What are your system stats? CPU, RAM, Video Card, etc... The reason I am asking is that it sounds like a video issue. Inventor can be pretty picky about your system components. Autodesk should have a list of compatable hardware on their website, although if you are using Iv6 they may not. All in all it doesn't sound like it is anything you are doing wrong if that is any consolation. Is this your personal copy of inventor or a corporate copy? If it is yours, you may want to reinstall it. If it is your company's, you may want IT to come take a look. BUT DON'T DO EITHER YET! We may still be able to fix you without that.

And just so you is not a normal issue with inventor that I know of. I have used inventor for several years now without ever having a similar problem.
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Thank you for the inspiration my friend!
It was the graphics card (or lack of in my case) , I was running on the integrated graphics. Have now switched over to the graphics card and now all is well!
Thank you again for your advice.


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