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Help with Rigging


New member
I have a model consists: a mesh and hundred of splines. How do I skin it? I tried to group them and add skin modifier on, it went very slow, so I tried to attached them to all in 1 mesh, it doesnt work either. What can I do to resolve this issue?
First thing that comes to mind is getting rid of all the little blue splines and turning them into a normal map as you would have to get very close to be able to see all of those. Skinning the splines is possible but could also be a huge head ache. You would need to make all the splines renderable above skin using the Render Spline modifier. This way you are only weighting the verts of the spline and not all the verts of the mesh that each spline is generating. I can't tell from the image but also make sure that the amount of geo that each spline is creating is reduced as low as it can go. Never use groups in rigs like this. They are good for a few things but as has been said don't use them in animation. Attach things when possible. Using a group simply forces any modifiers that are added to the group to be instanced across all the objects in the group. Skin doesn't like to be instanced as it will get very slow. So attach all the splines to gether at the spline level and then make it renderable.

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