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Help with sheet metal bend/flat pattern


New member
Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could assist me with a sheet metal problem.

I need to produce a plate from 5mm steel, which is bent in several places, but the plate is not rectengular.

I've built the desired result purely as a solid, and then converted to sheet metal, when i do this the flat pattern has a warped edge.

I've also tried building from a flat sheet metal part and bending, but when I do this the bent model now has a warped edge.

I'm wondering if it is possible to get away from this as it looks untidy, and I also have a client drawing which does not show a warped edge (not sure which cad program was used to draw this, however).

Sorry if my explanation doesn't make any sense, i've included some screenshots to try and explain better.

bent plate 1.jpgbent plate 2.jpgflat pattern 1.jpg