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Hidden parts in assembly



I have an assembly with few parts hidden in the sub assemblies. If I unhide those parts in the sub assembly save it and close and reopen the main assembly these parts are still hidden. How to unhide it permanently. Any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
You would need to save the layers in the sub-assembly after you hide or unhide the parts you do or don't want to see. When you hide something it actually puts it on a layer. Save the layers and then save the part.
From the PTC Knowledge base:
In Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 M010 open an assembly model, hide a part in model tree, #Save the assembly model and the part hidden status is not preserved. But in Wildfire, the part hidden status is preserved by #Save the model.

Alternate Technique
The alternative technique is #Hidden part in model tree, #Save Status in layer tree, #Save the assembly model. It will keep the part hidden status in assembly.

SPR1087247 (B-MEDIUM) has been filed to address the issue.

It appears PTC programmers reverted to earlier status memory routines in the Wildfire 2. Hidden part status is not automatically retained. However by saving the layer status, it appears that hidden part status is also saved.

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