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Hide a sketch dimension?


New member
Is it possible to hide sketch dimesions? as when I zoom out on a sketch with a bunch of dimesions I can't see the sketch. I just see all the dimensions.
Hide a sketch dimension

Are you trying to hide them in a drawing or in the sketch mode?
Is it possible to seperate your dimensions in "processes",
1, cut the shape,
2, cut the holes,
3, etc.
I realize this adds "features" to your tree, but it makes it easier to read your sketches... maybe.

Good Luck.
On FeatureManager panel check Annotations button, unmark "Display Annotations" or "Show Feature Dimensions"
On drawings (i.e. sheets) you can hide dimensions, but in the feature sketches, I do not know of a way to hide certain dimensions. I believe there is a setting to prevent dimensions from scaling as you zoom in or out. At least by keeping them smaller they will take up less space.

Perhaps you should try to name certain dimensions. Instead of D1@Sketch1, use Length@Profile, where "Length" is the dimension name and "Profile" is the sketch name. I don't do this all the time, but have found it very useful for dimensions that I commonly need to reference or manipulate. It saves time from looking them up or trying to remember if it was D1 on Sketch1 or D1 ond Sketch 2 or so on.

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