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Hide Sectioning tool lines


New member
I am using the SECTIONING tool to hide some geometry in an assembly for a screenshot. The sectioning tool uses a plane and creates lines through the section cut. How can I hide those lines? I have looked everywhere and can't find it.


Super Moderator
If you're asking about the perimeter of the section cut, I don't think you can turn those lines off.

The Space Analysis license does have some extra options for Sections, such as color fill. That might be a good alternative for your screenshots.


New member
if you can imagine a model of a screw driver, i'm doing a SECTIONING half way down the metal shaft, so lets say i'm "trimming" away the phillips tip. When I rotate my model so i'm looking down the screw driver lengthwise, but the handle is closest to my face and the tip would be pointing away from me, I see a circle centered on the screwdriver handle, and that circle is from the section cut that's 6" down the screwdriver.
wouldn't you think that would be a basic option of a section cut tool? To hide or show those lines?!


New member
Toggle Z-buffer option on and the display will not show background curves/points/planes/etc.

Tools>options>visualization>display all elements using Z-buffer depth.

I tend to toggle this option on/off slot for screen shots. Recording a macro for on and one for off and placing in a toolbar makes for a quick toggle.