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Hiding Dimensions



I was looking for a way to hide the dimensions when looking at a multi-section solid, or in general. I have this blade with 10 sketches and a 50 point spline for each sketch, so there's literally 1,000 dimensions cluttering the view. It would be nice to hide them, and you'd think there would be a simple option for that like tools>hide>dimensions but I'm not finding anyway to do that besides using maybe the "hide all but selected" or "hide selected", neither is very quick.
Are you asking about dimensions on a drawing, or the sketch constraints used to make the 3D solid?

If it's the later, try Tools + Hide + All Sketches

But I don't understand why the constraints would be displayed, unless maybe you're editing the solid?
I was to hasty in my previous reply.

In the start window I get the button 'Try It' which I clicked. But it still ends after 10 minutes.
It's not overly convienient (I find few things are in catia) but I use Edit>Search and then for "Type" enter either part, product, sketch, drawing etc and then select "dimension" under "type". I then save it as a favorite and use that to select and then hide all of my dimensions.
If we are talking about hiding dimensions on a drawing, another way to to do what Wallybanger suggested is....

Click in the Power Input field (the white box in the lower-right corner of the screen), and key-in: t=dim* This will search and select all the dimensions. Then you can click on the HIDE/SHOW icon.

Or, if you have made a Favorite search from the Edit + Search panel, you can also use the Power Input field, and key-in f=favorite_name

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