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Hole Callout not updating with changes when drawing is not open


Not sure if others have seen this, but this has been going on for awhile so maybe someone knows of a solution. The Hole Callout does not automatically update when there is a change in the model Hole Wizard and drawing is not open? Here is a description from the Solidworks Forum with this exact issue:

If a change in the model hole wizard is made without the drawing open, then the hole callout dimension will not update correctly. Here is an example what I mean

-created a 4"x3".75" thick plate with a M4 thread with standard depth and save part
-create a drawing and dimension with hole callout
-save and close the drawing
-change the thread end condition to thru all and thread depth to Blind 2*DIA
-open the drawing and re-dimension with hole wizard, note the difference in the depth (THRU ALL vs 0.75" MIN)
-To go further on the bug, save and close the drawing
-Change the M4 thread to a counterbore with a .50" depth
-Open the drawing, both existing hole callout have not updated correctly, so re-dimension with hole callout to show correct changes

Included are screen shots and the example model and drawing.

I have to either have the drawing open when I change in model or re-dimension with hole callout, so is there a fix for this?


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