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Hole Placement Question


New member
I am aware that a hole could be placed in a part without creating a sketch by placing a hole utilizing the linear placement method within the hole function. What I wanted to know is that why can't multiple holes be placed this way? Essentially combining the sketch and hole into one.
You can place multiples but not quite as easily as you seem to want. Here is the way I think it would be possible, Select Hole tool then select linear then the face, then the edge 1 (dim), then the edge 2 (dim). If you hit "Apply" and not "OK" you will stay in the dialog box and can do another hole and on and on. But you will always have to choose the face, edge 1/distance & edge 2/distance for each hole placed. You can even stay in the dialog and change hole specs on the fly also.
Work Point on Sketch

On a sketch, create a work point for wherever you need a hole (rectangular or circular pattern the work points if needed). Then select the "hole" tool and it should automatically select all the points.

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